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Bumworks Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Kit by Kaydee Baby - Brass Chrome Hand Held Bidet Shattaf, Metal Hose, T-Valve (7/8 inch), and Mounting Clip Attachment Adapter


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Let’s get smug: I did the math. Even if we had paid for all our cloth diapers (some were gifts), we would have spent more on disposables after Champ’s fourth month of life. Right now, we pay next to nothing for diapers, and that helps offset my lack of a paycheck.

As absorbency goes, Depend is adequate at best. While much better than the Kroger diaper, Depend still had trouble comfortably holding more than a pint's worth of liquid. When I wore it wet, the poor fit really became a problem—it felt like a damp, loose towel was wrapped around my waist. When it comes to "rewet absorbency" (how much liquid an already wet diaper will absorb), Depend does not perform well; it's necessary to change diapers if you're planning to double dip.

Calico Kelley one size cloth diaper made from an upcycled tshirt

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    One final note: Depend claims that you can change these diapers without having to remove your clothes. I tried this several times, and am pretty sure that this is false. Maybe it's a practice-makes-perfect thing, but it was essentially impossible to change these diapers while still wearing my pants. Impossible and disgusting—it always felt like the urine was going to brush up against the inside of my jeans, leaving me with stink-thigh. And besides, you'll have to remove your clothes to don a new diaper, so it's not really a significant time savings.

    I tested the Super Plus Absorbency Adjustable Underwear variety (now with worry-free odor control!), which looked and felt like a cut-rate codpiece. While it was comfortable and largely itch-free, the main problem was that the garment didn't fit. It is undoubtedly difficult to make a one-size-fits-all adult diaper, but I fell squarely inside the L/XL size according to the chart on the box, and I could have fit another person in these briefs. (This is speculation: I did not attempt this.)