Honest Diapers in Winter Fox #nontoxic #ecofriendly

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Honest Diapers TV Spot, 'Fashion Statement'

We have tried babyganics, and honest. And honestly didn’t like a thing about honest diapers. Babyganics are our go to when we need disposables. We don’t have leak issues, or blowout problems, we had a 2 week diarrhea virus that our daughter got, and never had a blowout with them! Thank goodness!!

I love the look of The Honest Co diapers, they are so cute. I tried them a few times on my daughter but she always ended up with rashes. She doesn’t get rashes from any other diapers, I know weird.

Ok here’s my two cents about honest diapers:

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    Love the Honest diaper bag!!! Following you on facebook and get the newsletter!! I love all your great ideas and the products you find!!

  • The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

    I go back and forth between Honest Company diapers and Huggies. I can find SUCH great deals on sales/coupons for Huggies (and daycare prefers them), but unless she’s changed within two hours she gets rashes. No rashes from Honest Co.

    We cloth diaper as well but at night we use disposable. We have been using 7th Generation for over a year now and they have NEVER leaked and the baby is a side sleeper. Never had a blow out either, the cinched sides have always kept it in well. I noticed you did not add Honest Baby Diapers in this test, were they not out yet? Thank you for the test though, it’s interesting! I just love cloth diapering though and still think that’s the best!