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Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Free and Clear for Sensitive Skin, Original Unprinted, Size 4, 135 Count


Features and Benefits of Seventh Generation Diapers

We have used Seventh Generation diapers since our children were born and we are happy to say that after graduating to needing the overnight diapers, we couldn't be happier. We tried EVERYTHING, thinking that the eco-friendly brand we love probably wouldn't hold up. We cloth diaper throughout the day, but they were just not keeping the leaks in at night (our kids sleep 12+ hours regularly and are now toddlers) so we tried comparable disposable brands that weren't so eco-friendly because the stores near us do not carry Seventh Generation. After the third brand of diapers, I finally ordered these and we love them. Never had a leak while using them!

I have been using the Seventh Generation diapers since my son's birth that is almost 2 yrs now. never have they given me a chance to regret spending an extra dollar on two on the quality. The color and texture of the diaper itself shows no bleach or chlorine was used. My baby never had diaper rashes. on one of my overseas trips i ran out of these diapers and had to buy huggies/pampers both of which gave my son rashes and itchy skin plus they get heavy when full while these ones stay light as there is no gel or chemical that absorbs the pee in these diapers. best of all they are CRUELTY FREE and not tested on animals. five stars.

Features and Benefits of Seventh Generation Diapers

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    I have used Seventh Generation Diapers since my son was born, and have always been very pleased with the quality and absorbency. When it was time to transition to a more absorbent overnight diaper, the 7G version seemed like the obvious choice for us. I was so disappointed in this overnight diaper, and definitely gave it a chance - my son woke up soaked through his pajamas for a week straight. I was really unhappy with this diaper. If you are going to try them, I'd recommend buying the smallest package available, it is likely you will be disappointed with them.

    I prefer to use Seventh Generation diapers. Their overnight diapers are same high quality and design although they have leaked nearly every night (4-5x/week). The absorbency is just not enough for my little guy. I switched to Huggies Nighttime diapers and those do not leak, as much (maybe 2x/week).
    If your child does not seem to saturate their diaper at night, then I would recommend this diaper. Although if your child consistenly has a full, wet diaper in the morning then I, unfortunately, would not recommend this diaper for the sole reason that they leak.