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Rumparooz One Size Diaper - Cloth Diapers Are Hip

The Rumparooz one size diaper offers a great fit for even 6 pound newborns. For most babies, you can start using the Rumparooz right from the start. The included 6•r soaker offers a lot of adjustability so you can customize the insert for your baby's absorbency needs. The double row of gentle elastic helps to contain messes. Parents often ask, "Are Rumparooz worth the extra money?" While only you can answer that - I can say that being able to use them right from the start saves a lot of money. Parents who test Rumparooz usually come back for more.

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    The number one thing to remember when caring for your diapers, is they are just another load of laundry! :)

    There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks. Simply find a good detergent that works well for you and wash your diapers regularly. If you notice they smell dirty, mildew-y or strong with ammonia then it is time to find a new detergent because your current selection is either causing buildup or is not getting the diapers clean. If the detergent is causing red or rash, discontinue use immediately and try a more mild detergent. Baby's with severely sensitive skin do well with well with fragrance and dye free detergents. It is important that your cloth diaper detergent does not have any fabric softeners in it.

    To Wash
    1. Cold rinse
    2. Hot wash - cold rinse: only add 1/2-1/4 the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size. (Please see our detergent recommendations below)
    3. Col rinse
    4. Tumble dry low or hang dry.

    HE Machines
    Please do not use the sanitize cycle on your Rumparooz pockets. You may use that cycle on your inserts. The high temperature is not good for the laminate and can melt the laminate bond in the waterproof layer of your Rumparooz one size diaper.

    I recently received a Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper for review from , one of my favourite retailers. Lindsay is such a sweet mama, and the customer service you can expect to receive from her is second to none! Case in point, I discovered a tiny hole in this diaper hidden under the edge of a rise snap. I let Lindsay know, and she arranged with Kanga Care to replace the diaper, including shipping both ways. Easy peasy!