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Nature Babycare: A green disposable diaper

I REALLY like Naturebaby diapers. They are found online and at Target. Give those a shot. My son was sensitive to it at first but then he stopped when I changed to these diapers. They absorb well.

I have never had to wake my son to change him when he sleeps through the night and he has never had a diaper rash. I don't recommend loading her with the diaper cream however because it's a chemical and is being absorbed through the skin. Diaper rash occurs because there is moisture and the body is unable to breathe. You might want to switch to the diaper I use if you are not sure. Naturebaby diapers. The only time I have ever had a leak or a problem was when I was trying to use up the last of the previous size diapers KNOWING darn well that he was too big for those! I'm just stubborn like that and come from a family that used to always say not to waste things! So that is MY fault and NOT the diaper company. These diapers are biodegradeable and compostable. They are made out of corn and not plastic like huggies and pampers. Give them a try...even if it's just for night wear. :)

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