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A GroVia Hybrid Diaper is a diaper with options–both cloth and disposable –with a reusable shell. All of the parts are sold separately, so you can buy what you need to & use it how you want. The company says you should need 2-4 shells per day & I would say that is true. I used each shell about 8 times before washing–which means I can easily get by with just two! I purchased:

Performance: GroVia diapers are very versatile since you can choose just the right insert, or simply use the shells as covers with diapers you already own. They work great as is as a daytime diaper; for naps I would suggest the No Prep inserts or adding a Booster.

GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell - Hook & Loop - Surf

  • You can buy GroVia diapers directly from the manufacturer's website. Also check the website for a list of authorized retailers. Many only have online stores but offer free shipping, clearance items and special sales.
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    GroVia diapers come in both hook and loop or snap closures. They are designed to grow with your baby, so even the hook and loop diapers have vertical snaps to creat more space as your baby grows. Hybrid diapers are great for parents who want to cloth diaper their baby but also have to send them to day care, which often have disposable-only policies. These diapers are great for both everyday use and travel, and will last your baby from infancy through toddlerhood.

    I did test our GroVia hybrid diapers overnight with 1 extra booster, and they will hold Ingrid, who is an average wetter, until morning. However, they are not my first choice for an overnight diaper. For those poos they often do upon first waking, we have better luck with a double-gusset cover. Secondly, I often use a well-stuffed pocket diaper overnight because entire inside is lined with soft fleece, which is comfy over an extended period of time. This being said, however, many families happily use GroVia Hybrids and AIO diapers overnight, usually with the addition of a booster. Something you might consider for night time are the GroVia bamboo/cotton prefolds; we used these on newborn Erik, but I haven’t reviewed any of the larger sizes.