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Some people may think that training pants and GoodNites diapers are essentially the same thing. While they may look similar, they are fundamentally different. GoodNites and are answers to two different problems that have the same symptom. Training pants or diapers are used for potty training, to catch any accidents while the child is still learning to control his or her functions. Once a child has learned to go to the bathroom on his or her own, the child may still experience some nighttime bedwetting. It is important to note that GoodNites are not available in sizes smaller than size 4. This is because GoodNites are specifically for bedwetting and not toilet training. Kids over four years old that experience frequent bedwetting, but are already toilet trained, should definitely use GoodNites diapers.

Aside from choosing the right gender, parents should also consider the correct size. This is perhaps the most important aspect of buying GoodNites diapers, since they should fit snugly. If the diaper is too small, it will be uncomfortable, while if it is too big, it may slip off. The chart below summarizes the sizing requirements for GoodNites Diapers:

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    Huggies sells only one type of GoodNites diapers, though these vary in size, design, and gender. Boys' and girls' GoodNites diapers are quite different and parents should ensure they buy the right one for their child.

    Learning the proper use of GoodNites diapers is just as important as learning how to buy them. The child should try to urinate right before settling into bed. GoodNites diapers are best used with a , which should be placed under the top sheet and over the mattress (this prevents excess urine from staining or seeping into the mattress). If the diaper is wet in the morning, it should be removed and disposed of properly. GoodNites underwear can also be used when the child is away at camp or at a sleepover. The child should discreetly put it on before bedtime and remove it and seal it in a plastic bag for disposal at a later time.