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Dr. Laura,
My 11 month old is really happy he's learned to sit up, explore everything in hands reach and roll during diaper changes. He gets so distraught during diaper changes when I prevent him from using these new skills. If I flip him back onto his back after he's rolled onto his tummy giggling or if I keep him from practicing his sit-up skills he turns from happy giggles to sobs and tears. And it is clear that he thinks I am being mean by not allowing him this sweet play exploration that prevents me changing his diaper... he tells me he's so frustrated in his sobs and yells of "momma". I've tried many different things to distract him or keep his attention... toys, dancing, singing, talking, music... all to no avail. He wants to sit-up, roll over and play with whatever diaper accessory I've brought his way. I hate that he hates diaper changes and have no idea what to do. The changes are now trigger of anxiety for him. I can totally understand his upset during certain changing times such as middle of the night wet diapers while he's hungry and sleepy. But what can I do during other times when he's clearly distressed that my changing his diaper is preventing him from newfound skills and exploring?

suggests that our ability to stay calm and connected during a diaper change models for our children how they can stay grounded in the face of their own discomfort. She stresses bringing compassionate, open-hearted full presence to the diaper change, rather than just rushing through it. In fact, she calls this the "Mindful Diaper Change Practice." (And you thought you didn't have time for mindfulness practices anymore!)

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  • Ruthann says:

    Gosh! Thank you for this article. I seriously just sat down at my computer just so frustrated because my 14 month old son fights me on his diaper changes. I hate how I respond to his behavior. I love the way that you teach to speak to children respectfully, but I have been losing sight of that every time my son starts kicking me during diaper changes. I kept using force or starting to yell. I hate that it has been my response. SO heart breaking to me.

    In the past he has responded fairly well to the calm and even requests and he’s learned a lot just through my new reactions that I’ve been working on.

    You’ve got some great tips! I’m probably going to have to read this article several more times to keep it in my brain!

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    Your baby does a lot of learning during diaper changes. It’s one of the few times that she actually sees her own body without clothes, when she can feel her complete movements without a wad of diaper between her legs.

    I'm not sure if this is a new phase and she's asserting some independence or if this is something to be concerned about. I work 4 days/week and she has a nanny that we LOVE, who has been with us for a year (and we've known her for 3). I guess because it seems it's a diaper thing I'm worried - did something weird happen? She has no rash or irritation, and everything is ''working'' just fine... I asked my nanny and she said no, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, and I do believe her. But what could be causing this new, strange behavior? Is this a toddler thing? Has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance! Worried mom, maybe overreacting! Our daughter did that around the same age too. (And she's with us all the time, so I know that nothing weird happened.) I was also worried, but it turned out to be a phase lasting maybe a couple of weeks. What I did was find a new and interesting object for her to examine during diaper changes. As I walked to the changing table, I'd pick up something she wouldn't usually have access to and she'd keep busy with that while I changed her diaper. Within a few weeks, it passed and now diaper changes are pretty much back to normal. Sarah It is probably just a phase. I can't remember the exact age, but I remember my daughter doing the same thing. All the advice in the archives is useful--try distracting her with a song or a toy, and try to maintain a calm, soothing demeanor even when she is freaking out. This too shall pass. mine does the same thing. and my nanny says he is fine for her. i think it is a control thing. sometimes i try the tv during the changes and it sometimes helps. i think most of the time it is that they are busy with something and don't want to be interrupted. good luck! anon Mine did this. I tried to make it fun, and catch her at good moments, and sneak in the diaper change as quickly as possible. when in a hurry, I did have to hold her down a few times. She got over it. This is a total toddler thing. Exact same thing happened with our ''easy-going'' son at about the same age. 100% normal. What worked for us -- worked so amazingly well I couldn't believe it -- was, when my son needed a diaper change, I would set a timer for a minute or two, and tell him ''when the beep comes, we will change your diaper.'' I read it in a book somewhere, and the first time I tried it, my son walked to the diaper table by himself and stood there waiting for me. No fuss at all. This may or may not work for you -- who knows. Kids are constantly going through new phases, and parents are always having to try stuff until they find a method that works. Just when you get this one figured out, something new will happen. Karen Nov 2006