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OsoCozy - Bamboo Organic Prefolds (6 Pack) - Ultra Soft, Bamboo Cotton Blend Baby Diapers - Eco-Friendly and Antimicrobial - Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) (7-15 lb.) (Infant 4x8x4)

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Formerly BabyDue Cloth Diaper Service (which has served the GTA and surrounding communities for the past 6 years), we have recently purchased the business and are excited to take it to the next level! We have rebranded to Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service, have added new diaper sizes and inventory and have massively expanded our .

We are committed to providing the utmost quality and convenience to families that want the best for the health of their baby and the environment. Baby Diaper Service gives you 100% natural cloth diapering at an affordable price, without the time and effort to clean your own, so you can enjoy the diapering years!

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    A throw away diaper contains over 60 chemicals, held in close proximity to your baby’s delicate areas. Baby Diaper Service’s natural clean process is pH-balanced to baby’s skin and tested to hospital standards, resulting in fewer to no diaper rashes, both of which result in savings!

    Raising a child is a big step for every person that takes the journey. It also takes a large toll on our earth with many millions of diapers entering the landfills every year. At Tiny Tots, we tailored the diaper service to help make your life a little simpler and to remove the toll on our landfills and on our earth.