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Examine a diaper in the current diaper size to see how it fits your baby. If you notice red marks around your baby's upper legs and tummy from the elastic in the diaper, the diaper is likely too small. Additionally, if you notice that the diaper looks or feels too snug on your baby, it is likely too small. You may also begin to notice leaky messes if your baby's current diaper size is too small.

A community diaper drive benefiting families involved in the parenting education program at Another Way Pregnancy Center (AWPC) of Farmington Hills will take place now through Dec. 21. The most needed diaper sizes are newborn and 4-6 and will be accepted at the following locations:

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The chart below is a great guide to helping you choose a diaper size based on your child's weight and stage, but you'll also need to check for telltale signs of a poor fit once your baby is wearing them. Persistent leaks, red marks on baby's skin, or gaps are signs of an improper fit. If your baby is nearing the top of the weight range, it may be time to consider moving up a size.

Kelly’s post made me remember how confusing it was when I was pregnant to figure out how best to stock up on diapers. Then I realized it might be helpful to use a growth chart to predict the weight (and thus diaper size) of a baby at a certain time. So using for both girls and boys’ weight, I’ve done some number crunching. Here’s an estimate of how many jumbos of each size you may need if you plan on stocking up.