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If your bathroom is too small to do this, or if you just prefer using a changing table, here are some other hints. If a sink is not nearby, or for traveling, small squeeze bottles such as ones you can buy in the hair care section of stores that are intended for hair coloring, are useful. Fill squeeze bottle with water. Squirt onto wipes as you need them, and squirt Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion either directly onto baby's bottom or onto the wipe. If you prefer, you can touch a wipe to a bar of very gentle soap. If you use soap on a wipe, follow with another wipe with just plain water to rinse off any soap residue. Pat dry with another wipe. If you don't have a sink nearby, a wipes warmer such as a Dex or a Prince Lionheart is available at Wal-Mart or other superstores. Our fit perfectly in wipes warmers made for disposable wipes! Another great idea to keep water warm for making warm fresh wipes as needed is a Thermos Pump Pot (water stays warm for 2 days in this!) or any other insulate beverage holder.

If possible, change poopy diapers on the floor of the bathroom on a spare toddler sized prefold diaper or a washable Changing Pad . Babies can not fall off of the floor! Wet down a few wipes with warm water at the sink and have within reach. You can use a touch of gentle soap on them if you choose to, or Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. Use a clean section of the messy diaper for the main mess. Use the warm, wet wipes for the final clean up. Pat dry with another wipe. Put on another diaper. Flip poop into potty and flush. If poop is unformed, scrape off with designated spatula and use the back of the spatula to squeeze out water from the diaper against the side of the toilet or use The Potty Pail to spray it off. If poop is from a totally breastfed baby, there is no need to rinse or dunk at all. It washes out like yogurt, but you may need to run an additional wash cycle if you don't "dunk". Put the diaper in the diaper pail.

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We don't recommend homemade "wipes recipes" and strongly recommend a purchased wipes-maker such as the Kissluvs Diaper Lotion Potion because in our experience in making homemade recipes, it's very easy to mess it up and cause a red bottom. Overdoing even by a little bit some of the ingredients, such as calendula oil or tea tree can really cause a red bottom! It's good to keep it simple with a "tried and true" product. I had a red baby bottom every time I tested a homemade wipes recipe (and I researched and tried many over the years), and please don't use typical store-bought baby shampoo. We see that suggested on a lot of sites but it's not a good thing to do. Read the ingredients and you will know why that is not appropriate. The more ingredients you put on your wipes, the more likely it is that irritations, rashes or allergies can occur. Simple, fresh, plain water is often not enough to clean a poopy bottom, so we do recommend something on the wipes for the poopy changes. At a minimum, a touch of olive oil will do. Make it fresh daily to avoid mold. Do not use antibacterial products on the wipes! If you use olive oil in a squeeze bottle, you may need a second squeeze bottle with just plain water.

Changing a wet cloth diaper is just the same as changing a disposable diaper. But don't throw it out! Just put it in the diaper pail. No rinsing or dunking is necessary, but you can rinse if you choose. Sometimes when a diaper is just wet you don't even need to use any wipes, or you can spritz baby's bottom with some Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion to freshen if needed then pat dry with a dry wipe. Or just air dry baby's bottom for a few moments. Play with baby while air drying. Changing diapers can be fun!