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Fleece is one of my favorite fabrics to use for cloth diaper liners. Not only is it soft, but it also doesn’t require sewing to avoid fraying. It’s also an affordable option and I can always find a pretty good selection of fleece remnants at thrift stores. By using these remnants I can easily make a dozen reusable liners for under $2. Fleece also does an excellent job of wicking away moisture. Even after a diaper has been soaked with urine, a fleece liner has the ability to feel surprisingly dry.

These No Sew Cloth Diaper Liners are an easy project despite your sewing or crafting ability. Wash them along with your cloth diapers for a simple, no fuss companion to your regular cloth diapering routine.

Bumkins soft Flushable Diaper Liners are the easiest clean-up ..

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There is no need to rinse off your messy cloth diapers in the toilet! These flushable cloth diaper liners make clean up a cinch. Simply lie them on top of your cloth diaper and when baby poops, shake the liner with solids into the toilet. Just flush and bye-bye poop! Liners can be rinsed and hung to dry if they do not get soiled.

The number of No Sew Cloth Diaper Liners you are able to make will vary depending on the size needed. With half a yard to 1 full yard of fabric you should be able to get well over a dozen inserts for even the chunkiest babies.