boy squeezing one into his beloved diaper

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Diaper Boys, boy squeezing one into his beloved diaper

We are coming up to the 10th anniversary of our beloved elemental diapers in a few months, and we want to celebrate by telling everyone how we invented elemental diapers.

Remember that although it might feel like your daughter will never let go of her beloved diapers, this is just a stage and she will soon much prefer regular underwear and using the toilet.

beloved diaper compare with pampers diaper

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So it’s appropriate that Pampers, the world’s beloved diaper brand, is launching its largest franchise-wide product innovation on September 16th. Now arriving at retail locations across the nation, new Pampers feature major performance, design and aesthetic upgrades across the entire line of diapers, training pants and wipes. In fact, new Pampers go beyond ordinary diapers to help babies get the most out of what they do most – love, sleep, and play.

In , I talked about how sometimes it is good to take a break from using cloth diapers. I’ve always struggled with being an all-or-nothing gal with a LOT of things in life, but I’ve made a conscience decision that I will keep a balanced view on all things green and “natural”–including my beloved cloth diapers.