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Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 4, 192 Count (One Month Supply)


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If you are price conscious when buying diapers, here is the breakdown: let's assume our estimate of using approximately 6,000 diapers over your baby's lifetime is correct. Price per diaper varies depending on the size of diaper; the bigger the diaper, the higher the price. Also, when considering price, keep in mind that they'll use a lot more size 3 & 4 diapers than the smaller sizes. We recommend doing your price-comparison using as a standard, because it will give you a since some manufacturers may deeply discount small sizes to get you hooked, only to charge more later.

In 2013 we took 20 of the most popular and highly regarded diapers and put them through a gauntlet of tests and analysis to figure out what exactly is inside these things and how they compared side-by-side. In 2014, we took a step up and tested 24 diapers; giving an even larger group of diapers a chance to vie for our top awards. We used a combination of hands-on testing (day-to-day diaper use on real baby bottoms, carefully monitored and annotated), lab testing, and research to compile facts and observations that would allow us to rate each diaper fairly on 6 key performance metrics relative to their competition.

26-4 Diaper Creams and Your Cloth Diapers

What is the top-performing disposable diaper and why? We took 24 disposable diapers and put them to the test in a bum to bum competition to find out. Eleven of the top green diapers and 13 traditional diapers were put through a series of tests designed to compare the diapers relative to each other. Our goal was to determine which diapers performed the best and if there was any real difference between store-label brands like Walmart's Parent's Choice and top-brands like Pampers and Huggies.

Keep reading to find out what we learned from our tests, and how each diaper stacked up against the sometimes soggy competition.

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12-4 Cloth Diapers and Potty Training

So- Update. I still love these diapers but had waited too long to order one time and had to go buy some diapers while we waited for these to arrive and just ran into Target and bought the biggest most absorbent diapers they had. Ended up being the Target brand (Up & Up) size 6 overnight diapers. 15 or $16.99 for 54 diapers. Funny enough those are now our go-to diapers. They're bigger than the size 7's (by a whole inch) and I prefer them. Oh and they're cheaper lol and they're super cute they have blue and green polka dots on them. :) I'd always heard good things about Target brand diapers. Shoulda listened earlier.

Don’t have a baby? No worries! This is a (mom’s know how valuable diapers can be!) or even your next baby shower. Depending on the size, you’ll get 21-44 diapers totally free.