FuzziBunz One Size Elite Diaper -- Cotton Candy - TRADED April 18th

FuzziBunz Diaper Talk Elite One Size Diaper (Cloth is Cool, Choco Truffle)


FuzziBunz One Size Elite Diaper -- Spearmint

You can further adjust FuzziBunz One Size Elite diapers in the waist. Think of it as a waist-cincher that tightens the waist to fit smaller babies and loosens as they grow. There are 3+ button waist settings.

Durability is important to our customers. The FuzziBunz One Size Elite cloth diapers are built to last at least three years and withstand daily wear and washing.

FuzziBunz One Size Elite Diaper -- Choco Truffle

  • How to Adjust a FuzziBunz One Size Elite Cloth Diaper (02:13)

FuzziBunz One Size Elite Diaper -- TootieFrootie

Editor’s Note: This review is of the newer version of the Fuzzibunz One Size Elite diaper, released in 2013. This diaper is significantly different from the original Fuzzibunz One Size Elite, but they were both sold under the same name which can cause some confusion. See this post at for an explanation and comparison of these two versions. Note that neither diaper is in production anymore, but old stock of the OS Elite is still available at some retailers, and they can also be purchased secondhand. We hope this review is helpful for mamas considering a new or used Fuzzibunz Elite.