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Ecoposh OBV Pocket Fitted Cloth Diaper, Boysenberry


EcoPosh poducts are super soft and eco-friendly

Say hello to Ecoposh OBV! Our beloved Ecoposh fitted cloth diapers, famous for their work-horse absorbency and ultimate over night protection, have been REFRESHED! The new, refreshed Ecoposh OBV is the same One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper except now the interior has been made using organic bamboo velour (OBV) which creates a plush feel for your little ones bum and is the ultimate luxury against their skin. Ecoposh OBV is available in 5 brand new Earth-inspired saturations: Boysenberry, Saffron, Atlanis, Caribbean and Glacier!

For our son Matthew, and our daughter Emma we have found the fit to be perfect for that awkward newborn stage. Especially the room it leaves for umbilical cords right after birth. In fact, with Emma we’re still using it six months after she’s been born (she weighs14lbs). The actual weight the Ecoposh newborn fitted cloth diaper is designed to fit from 4 – 14 lbs. (which is quite significant for newborn diapers).

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  • These cloth diapers are very absorbent; we often recommend Ecoposh Newborn Fitted Diapers for night time use, especially when paired with the Ecoposh Size 1 Wool Diaper Cover.
  • Ecoposh Recycled Organic Newborn Fitted Diaper

    I absolutely love all of the Ecoposh products we have tried. The Ecoposh Newborn Fitted diaper is no exception to the rest of the Ecoposh line, surprisingly it’s made from recycled water bottles, bamboo and cotton.